Getting started

Prepare your design

To upload your design, you'll need a vector-based design file. So choose the design package that is right for you ...

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator starter kit ›

How it works

Once your design is prepared, making your product with our service is only a few clicks away.

Uploadyour design
Chooseyour materials
Makeyour product
Waitfor delivery!
how it works

Upload your design

After logging into your factory, upload your file by clicking "Make a new design" and then the "Add design file" button.

Choose your materials

Once your design is uploaded, add the materials you'd like to use.

Make your product

Click the "Make it" button and you're almost there. You'll see an instant online price so you know how much it making your product will cost.

Wait for delivery!

That's it, sit back and relax as we make and ship your product to you.

If your design is ready right now, upload your design and start making!

Upload your design ›

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