Anatomy of a Sign February 19th, 2013

Thought this was a great little film, which nicely demonstrates the goings-on in a busy sign making company.

DOT Sign shop in NYC is responsible for making more than a million street signs in the city, watch the video to see how they manage such

a task.

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Make Monsters With 123D Creature February 18th, 2013

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new app in their line of 123D free modelling software, one which lets you create strange and wonderful creatures at the swipe of a finger.

123D Creature is a sculpting app which is powered completely by touch, on your tablet. Mould creatures easily by intuitive motions, stretch and warp pre-designed models to create your own unique monster. The joints, textures and colours blend seamlessly, and 3D printable – just download the file and either print yourself or send to your favoured print service.

This 123D app is sadly not free, it comes for $7.99, but is currently available for and introductory price of $1.99 so get it while the going is good.

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Laser Cuts Lately February 15th, 2013

Time to pinch a few of the posts from over at TLC, and give you some of the best designs that have shown up there lately, some inspiration for you!

Above: Laser cutting in progress, by Andy Singleton and Lost Heritage Manchester Continue reading “Laser Cuts Lately” »

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The Race to 3D Print a House February 14th, 2013

Another contender has joined the race to be the first to 3D print an entire house.

London based architecture collective Softkill Design claim their design will take 3 weeks to print, and can be assembled in just one day.

“It will hopefully be the first actual 3D printed house on site,” said Gilles Retsin of Softkill Design. “We are hoping to have the first prototype out in the summer.” Continue reading “The Race to 3D Print a House” »

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Sun Cutter, Laser Cutting in the Sahara February 8th, 2013

Sun Cutter

is a project by Markus Kayser in which he harnesses the power of sunlight to directly produce objects. Continue reading “Sun Cutter, Laser Cutting in the Sahara” »

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3D Printing on The Big Bang Theory February 5th, 2013

3D printing has been entering the mainstream of late, and what better way to publicise the technology to the masses than to feature it on a hit TV show?

If you’ve not seen The Big Bang Theory (that’s no small feat when it’s repeated on E4 constantly) it revolves around the comedy goings-on of four nerdy scientist type guys, so 3D printing is a subject that is not so surprising to see crop up in the plot.

The story in this particular episode was that two of the main characters, Howard and Raj, were disappointed with the (un)likeness of action figures they’d paid $500 for to look like them. The solution proposed was to invest in a 3D printer so they could make figures that looked exactly like them.

After buying a used machine for $5000 (much to Howard’s wife’s annoyance) Howard uses an Xbox kinect to scan Raj into digital form.

I’ve not seen the episode myself, but have read parts sounded a tad like a 3D printing promo, not necessarily a bad thing. One of Howard’s lines offered a valid point – “Do you realize by owning a 3D printer we are reclaiming the manufacturing process, and taking jobs back from sweatshops in China?”

Looks like the secret is definitely out on 3D printing!

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3D Printing Buildings on The Moon February 4th, 2013

It just gets madder.

London’s own Foster + Partners is working with the European Space Agency to investigate methods for building lunar housing using lunar soil.

They have designed a 4 person residence that will stand up to the moons dramatically changing temperatures, meteorites and gamma radiation. Continue reading “3D Printing Buildings on The Moon” »

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3D Printing

3D Printed Fashion on Paris Catwalk February 1st, 2013


We are gradually seeing more and more 3D printing in the fashion world, and at a recent Paris fashion show Iris van Herpen was one of the designers showing off the capabilities of the technology in her “VOLTAGE” collection. Continue reading “3D Printed Fashion on Paris Catwalk” »

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CNC Router Used to Make Awesome Stop Motion Video January 31st, 2013

Slowly spreading throughout the Webiverse the new Video for Shugo Tokumaru’s song “Katachi”  is quite something.

Made up of 2000 CNC cut silhouettes, the colourful stop motion video is mesmerising to watch.

Kijek/Adamski were the Polish director/animator team behind the video, and here’s how they did it: Continue reading “CNC Router Used to Make Awesome Stop Motion Video” »

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This Valentines Day, Give Your Loved One Chocolate Shaped Like Your Head January 30th, 2013

To continue the theme of 3D printing heads, we bring you this story about a company in Tokyo offering an altogether new idea for a valentines gift. Continue reading “This Valentines Day, Give Your Loved One Chocolate Shaped Like Your Head” »

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3D Printing

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