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‘Power of Making’ January 2nd, 2012

Crotchetdermy Bear, Shauna Richardson

Welding, carving, baking, moulding, weaving, painting, veneering…the list of different ways the 100 items in the V&A’s recent exhibition ‘Power of Making’ have been created is almost endless.

The exhibition joyfully highlights the important role making has on our lives. With over 100 objects on display ranging from a metal flute to a full size crochet bear, each one skilfully crafted, it celebrates both the maker and the making.

Rotational Moulded Shoe, Marloes ten Bhomer

The exhibits shown are eclectic, some showing age old craft traditions brought to life in new ways, like Shauna Richardson’s ‘Crochetdermy Bear’ (top), and others applying new techniques and technology to things we have up until recently made in mainly traditional ways, like Marloes ten Bohmer’s Rotational Moulded Shoe (above). The exhibition celebrates the improvements in technology which allow us to make things in completely new ways, with one of the 100 items on display being a rapid prototyping machine by MakerBot (below).

Thing-O-Matic, MakerBot Industries

With opportunities within the exhibition space to get involved with making – Tinkerspace was an area where visitors were invited to mould something out of clay, adapt an oyster card and more – ‘Power of making’ reminds us of the joy of making, the feeling of pride that is possible when we make something from scratch.

Sculpted Pencils, Willard Wigan

Whether for medical, entertainment,?innovative, or simply artistic purposes, the objects in this exhibition offer a snapshot of our lives today, and makes clear the importance that making still has in our fast paced world.

Sadly the exhibition is no longer on, but you can watch video’s and read more on the V&A website by clicking here.

Maybe this exhibition has inspired you to make something of your own?

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